Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jim Sterk Needs To Go

My wife is not happy. That doesn't bode too well for any of us when that happens. No more Apple Cups in Pullman. I would not want to be WSU Athletic Director Jim Sterk when he comes face to face with her. It's not gonna be pretty. In another stupid move, the future Apple Cups will now be played at Quest Field in Seattle, the home of the Seahawks. Not far from Montlake. What a nice move Jim. So much for the renovation of Martin Stadium. What a nice way to show loyalty to the hard working business owners in Pullman who rely on this weekend. For some, it makes their year. It never ceases to amaze me with all the constant stupid moves this guy makes. I used to work on the committee that helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Cougar Athletic Department. The Cougar Golf Classic used to be a great event until Jim Sterk showed up. The likes of Mike Price, Joe "the toe" Danello, Mark Rypien, Tim Rosenbach, Clint Didier, Pat Beach and Rueben Mayes used to make their way to Meadow Springs Country Club for the annual event. It was a reunion of former NFL greats, high profile Cougars. Sterk didn't feel he needed us anymore. He thought the school could do a better job. They sure have done a better job. Last year, the most high profile celebrity at the Cougar Golf Classic was one Paul Wulff. The same guy who was hired by Jim Sterk.

What more can I say.

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