Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh For Pete's Sake

Department of redundancy department. The Seahawks have done it again. They've hired another good looking coach (excluding Mike Holmgren). He is going to bring them to the promised land. No more 5-11 seasons, no more Superbowl debacles. Just good ol' fashioned smash mouth football with former USC Coach Pete Carroll. Please. One of the remaining Seattle newspapers did a poll and the majority of readers (those Huskies that could read) didn't think it was a good hire. Why? Because most of them are Huskies and don't like the fact the Seahawks hired someone from USC. I agree. Remember Barbara Hedges? You know, the lady that was so infatuated with Rick Neuheisel that she decided to hire him. She turned on him just as quickly when he fell in love with the San Francisco 49ers without letting her know. Maybe he should have consulted Tiger on the best way to handle this. Don't get too excited about Pete Carroll. His motivational ploys that worked with USC won't work in the pros. His athletes with the Seahawks aren't as good as the ones he had at USC.

For Pete's sake.

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