Friday, December 17, 2010

Selling With Passion---Internet Style

If you don't have a facebook or twitter page, it's about time you got one. We are in the midst of the biggest thing that has ever hit this society, it's called the Internet.

You can touch base with people all over the world from your keyboard and mouse, FOR FREE. We will never see anything of this magnitude in our lifetime.

In business, the Internet gives you that much more to talk about. The next time you see someone at a networking event you can ask them how their boat trailer is doing. That's because you saw their post on facebook where they explained in detail how they lost one of their wheels on the interstate.

I have a relative who lives in Norway and he knows more that's going on with our family than I do. And most of them live right here in my own backyard. Talk about powerful.

If you don't promote yourself or your personal brand, nobody else will. You can drip feed the public with anything you want. As one of my clients once said, "somebody will read it".

And it doesn't cost you a dime.

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