Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Future Is in Multi-Media Campaigns are the General Sales Manager of TV or radio station.  If someone approached you with a multi-media campaign idea that would help generate $165,000-$220,000 in new and incremental revenue for only a $5,000 investment, would you sit down with this person?

It's amazing how many people won't.  And boy are they missing out.

Managers nowadays are so bogged down with their everyday routine that sometimes they don't want to take the time and look at the important campaigns and initiatives that could help them achieve one of their biggest years ever.  They often say, "we have too many initiatives going on right now". 

Is it an objection or do they?

The days of selling airtime exclusively are over for TV and radio reps.  There are too many mediums to choose from and providing more value for the advertising customers is crucial.  Creating a partnership is even better.  A multi-media campaign that combines airtime, a business to business controlled editorial magazine, and a web component are the perfect combination for success.  Magazines are sexy and provide your chance to "tell your story"---something you can't do in a normal thirty second radio or TV commercial.  You can also provide beautiful pictures and testimonials supporting your business, or maybe highlight a new product or service you might have.  Most stations are driving traffic to their websites anyway, another reason to take advantage of a multi-media campaign.

In a recent flood of calls I made for an upcoming marketing trip, it is amazing to me how many people aren't willing to take the time and spend thirty minutes and explore something that could change their year.  Their reps will make more money, the station will incur new and incremental revenue, and more importantly, they will be able to gain a commitment from clients, something very difficult in this economy.

So the next time you get a call from someone with an opportunity like this, set the appointment and take thirty to forty minutes out of your day.

It could mean the difference in crushing your budget forecast, or not making it at all.

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