Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This Toast Is Just For You

They say it’s the season to be merry
With the holidays on the way
For some it’s empty, some it’s full
And some it’s held at bay

The snow is coming hopefully soon
Them boards are packed and ready
The workload won’t seem to go away
Business is sound and steady

As we look ahead to another year
Our sights with hope and glee
Times are a changing fast
With anticipation we will see

There’s always a ton to be thankful for
Combined with hurt and loss
We all keep charging straight ahead
You have to when you’re the boss

So as we enter winter time
We cherish those we miss
They’re in our thoughts, hopes and dreams
And we seal it with a kiss

So thank you to our clients,
Our friends and family too
We’re holding our glass high and proud
This toast is just for you

Happy Holidays!

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