Monday, March 30, 2009

How do you title this one?

It happened when us fellow Cougars least expected it. After a mediocre season Tony Bennett decided it was time to pull the plug at WSU. Tomorrow he is expected to be named the new Head Coach at the University of Virginia. Ralph Sampson's old school. Why do these coaches have to lie so much? Tony assured everyone he had no intentions of leaving Pullman. Great school system, he could go home for lunch, he could build a winning program in the Palouse. His wife loves it there, or does she? Something has happened that has prompted Bennett to move elsewhere. Is it Athletic Director Jim Sterk, or new President Elston Floyd? Is it lack of support? We probably will never know. It would be nice to thank him but for what? This is almost as bad as when Dennis Erickson denied he was going to the University of Miami. Bennett is going to the A-C-C. His eyes are really on one job, in that same conference. When Coach "K' retires at Duke you know Tony Bennett will be the first in line. Based on his coaching down the stretch this year, don't cross your fingers. Holy St. Mary's.

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Rocky Mundo, Doug & Jim said...

You should be used to this by now. You have been a Cougar your whole life.

My buddy Brent Bowe asked... Do you remmeber Nat Erdman? I said, who needs a memory when you have Google.

Longball said in refrence to learning about Clay Thompson
April 28, 2008 at 12:26 pm
I remember being up at the gyms one day in the early 90’s with some friends shootin hoops and in came a few new members of Coach Sampson’s new recruiting class. Our jaws hit the floor when this white kid caught the ball under the basket, facing out towards mid-court with his toes on the end line, and jumped, off two feet, spun in the air and threw down a huge two hand jam. We were meeting Nate Erdman for the first time. There was also this goofy kid named Ike who we thought was a bit slow and herky-jerky, until he poured in 30+ points in his first game against Michigan State (In Puerto Rico, go figure). I have not been genuinely buzzed about Cougar hoop rookies since then. This is really exciting. I just moved back to Pullman and i am stoked to be here in person to see the new squad take shape.


So, what ever happened to this guy after he followed Sampson to Oklahoma. Perhaps he was Kelvin's first trick in learning how to avoid recruiting violations? Or not! But, we all know what happened in the end.

And now we can live through a few more good NIT years using Bennett's recruits, much like Kevin Eastman did. And then a few more Paul Grahams ... And maybe someday the next Dick Bennett.

And so goes the life of a Cougar!