Thursday, December 4, 2008

One More Year!

The search for a replacement for Tyrone Willingham as Head Football Coach at the University of Washington has turned into a joke, and then some. Every name that has surfaced has disappeared just as quickly. Add Mike Leach to the scratch list this time. And there will be more. The university has slipped into the 'dork' mode, an enormous reason why nobody is interested in moving to Seattle, one of the nicest cities in the country. How about bringing Ty back for another year? He's already here and you are paying him anyway. It's starting to sound like a pretty good idea.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hill Climbing To The Top

The names keep dwindling, much like the program. The job that used to be one of the most desirable in the country is showing little interest from anyone, except Pat Hill. Fresno State's 56 year-old coach reportedly met with UW officials Saturday about the head coaching vacancy for the bewildered program. He was all smiles at his team's annual awards banquet but said he had not been offered the job. What he doesn't know is he really is the only one that has expressed interest, according to many reports. With the pipe dream of a new stadium in the wood works, the big question is whether Hill will meet the demands and expectations of the old school donors who are hoping a high profile coach will succeed Tyrone Willingham. They are also hoping to meet with Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly, who many believe is waiting for the Notre Dame job, if it comes open. There is a lot of hope in Montlake right now. I hate to break it to you but hope is a belief that something outside yourself is going to save your butt. It will be a tough Hill to climb.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mucho Grasu

Pullman, WA.

As the students were storming the field at Martin Stadium after the fourth victory in five years for the Cougars, I was heading down Grande Avenue listening to Bob. Bob Robertson that is. There may not be a better pair to listen to in an 'event' like the Apple Cup. Jim Walden said throw the records aside, put on your colors and support the 'event', because nothing else really matters. And what an event it was. For the young Cougars, it was an exercise for the future, learning to win a game in a tight situation, "definitely something to build on", according to Head Coach Paul Wulff. The Cougs haven't been in this situation all year, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Seven potential WSU recruits were in the stadium for the game, and if they are on the fence so to speak, they might climb down now. They might have witnessed the future of Cougar football and the definite low point for Husky football. For the first time all year the Cougs fought to the wire, this time with reason to celebrate. The Huskies left again 'bewildered' and with no explanation. "Don't ask that question again", said Tyrone Willingham when asked if he will coach against California in the final game. Another loss. Another week off and nothing to look forward to. Down and out. One more loss and they will own the worst record for a season for UW since 1890. In 2090 the record books for this one will include Karstetter, Mitz, Bland, and a kicker named Nico Grasu. Benched two weeks ago, he is now the hero. "If this guy makes this kick he will be a hero forever for cougar faithful", said a spirited Walden before the final attempt. "Good, the Cougars win"...yelled Bob Robertson. In the 'event', it's beginning to sound like a broken record. And there's a rainbow on the horizon. Mahalo.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Bye Ty

Unfortunately for Husky fans the U-Dub Football Coaching Job is not an attractive position anymore. The program has been run into the ground and people don't realize how tough of job it was for Tyrone Willingham. He has cleaned up the program more than people realize, unfortunately it hasn't resulted in wins. What the program needs is an up and coming coach that is extremely competitive with a defensive mindset. It is what Don James built this program around and anyone who knows anything about football knows that defense and solid special teams equals wins. Forget Pat Hill, nobody was smart enough to hire Gary Pinkel. Unfortunately the program probably can't afford him, nor would he want it after being turned away twice. It would be a demotion for Chris Peterson at Boise State, Jeff Tedford makes too much money at Cal. No more boat rides by the Nordstrom's for recruits, no more dinners at Salty's. This is not an attractive position anymore and it's really too bad. Whoever takes the job can look like a hero with five wins. Why not go after an up and coming coach like Brady Hoke at Ball State. He wasn't good enough for Washington State, but he is good enough for U-Dub.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Pure" Getaway

Suncadia managed to win me over. It was the first time I've stayed at the lodge, and it won't be the last. I saw a little bit of everything that is important to me in the three + days I stayed there. A picturesque golf course littered with wildlife, good food, and of course a great atmosphere to enjoy a nice glass of red wine. It may not be for everyone but you won't find a more pristine place than this. My wife's old boss laughed when he found out I was there. Suncadia was the site of the Hotel and Lodging Association's annual retreat. When my wife invited me to tag along it was a no-brainer. Suncadia sports three golf courses, and the oldest tavern in the state is nearby. Again, it was a no-brainer. Next year the Hotel and Lodging Association is holding their annual retreat at the Skamania Lodge. Yes, they have a golf course. I'm sure my schedule is open.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Washington Schools The Laughing Stock

Anywhere, WA.
It's official. Washington is the laughing stock of the nation and the Pac Ten Conference. I mean the state of Washington. Both teams proved it this weekend after being thoroughly embarrassed in this just the third week of the season. The Huskies were ransacked by a good Oklahoma team 55-14 before 67,000+ fans in Husky Stadium. It shows where the program is, this would normally be a sellout. The Cougars had to travel to hurricane country and play their game a day didn't matter. They were blasted by a lowly Baylor team playing with a true freshman quarterback. So where do we go from here? What's next? That's a question both Paul Wulff and Tyrone Willingham are spending sleepless nights trying to answer. Both programs have hit rock bottom and there's not much light at the end of the tunnel. Just wait until next week when Jerry Glanville shows up in black and his cowboy hat and really turns things upside down for the Cougars.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Smell Of Pigskin

The smell of pigskin is in the air,
a smell so vivid with so much flare;

Cougars, Huskies, Seahawks alike,
It also means Kathy riding her bike;

There's more to football than just the game,
the weather, the tailgate, they're all the same;

Just like life, it's all too short,
I think that's why we love the sport;

Keep this in mind when you root for your team
for the college kids who are playing, it's their life long dream;

so don't be hard on the kids so dear,
give them the best you've got to cheer;

So as I close this short little blog,
and clear my mind through the fog;

Fall is here, so give a big cheer,
for the smell of pigskin and gallons of beer.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Tony Time

It's definitely "Tony time". The most sought after college basketball coach in the nation has decided to stay put in Pullman, for now. This is inspiring news for the Cougar faithful, considering the attention Bennett was getting from high profile schools like Indiana, Cal, and LSU. Tony Bennett isn't your typical coach, but a colorful, good looking diamond in the rough. He appreciates the quality of life in Pullman. He appreciates the school system in Pullman. He likes going home for lunch, and he will continue to do so. He also learned from his Dad and his past experiences watching other coaches take jobs they shouldn't have. The younger Bennett wants to prove to people that it can be done in Pullman. WSU Athletic Director Jim Sterk has asked Bennett for a list of the important things needed to be a successful basketball program. The list includes a better non-conference schedule and easier access charter flights in and out of Pullman. One of the schools you can bank on to be on that non-conference schedule is a team right up the road. Bring on the Zags. Friel the heat. The Huskies couldn't handle them but the Cougs will. It seems to be the trend these days.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sweet 16 Baby!

Charlotte here we come! High scoring teams are finding out how good they really are when they meet this swarming defense that has given up only 81 points in two games. The Fighting Irish are the latest victims scoring half of their season average. The motto for this year should be, "A star isn't born"...because there aren't any on this WSU team. That's why they are so impressive.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Quick quiz

He went to the same college as Edward R. Murrow and is one of the most celebrated broadcasters of our era. He also served as play by play man for Husky Football. Who is this man?

Friday, February 8, 2008

No Love in Pullman

I had the pleasure of watching a pretty darn good basketball team last night in Pullman. I had more fun watching the student body and some of their antics. It amazes me how creative students can be when you put them in an environment like that. We couldn't figure out what was being said every time freshman sensation Kevin Love went to the free throw line. Most of the students were pointing to their rear ends and yelling something. I've heard a lot worse in my years going to college football and basketball games but this one takes the cake. It's all they could come up with for this guy that is sure to be a number one pick in the upcoming NBA draft. UCLA's Kevin Love has a new nickname that will stick in the minds of Cougar fans.

Next time you go to a UCLA or future NBA game say hi to "Butt Sweat" for me. I'm sure he'll know where you are from.

Go Cougs!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

America's Game

Tiger has done it again. He lapped the field. Silenced the doubters. One of those doubters has been me. I didn't think someone could continue to be so dominating in any sport. I better now. Move aside Jack. Move aside baseball. Golf is now "America's game". It's because of one man. His name is Tiger Woods. Embrace it. He's going to be around for awhile.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


The last time I felt this liberated I jumped off a 55 foot rock into the Snoqualmie River. A friend was in a boat down below telling me where to dive so I didn't hit the rocks under the surface of the water. I was twelve years old. Thirty six years have passed and once again I have that feeling again. Free from traditional social restraints- some refer to it as liberated. It's a feeling I think we all seek out in different ways, for me it was through my work. It took me a lot longer than most, and maybe that's why it is so rewarding now. Could it be that one distinct circumstance put me over the edge and made me do it? Or, is it all the instrumental people that have touched my life in so many different ways over the past forty some years? I think it's the latter. Thank you.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Day To Remember

If you haven't skied at Mission Ridge in your lifetime, you might want to think about doing it soon. Sunday was a banner day at the remote resort nestled in the mountains above Wenatchee. The two and a half hour drive from Tri Cities was a foggy one. For Cameron Wills, a five year old from Pasco, it was definitely first cabin. He watched "The Transformers" on the way over, the luxury I didn't have when I grew up skiing. It was a great tune-up for the day to come. When we arrived at Mission Ridge, we were greeted with a Chamber of Commerce day. Beautiful sunshine, great snow, and a family atmosphere to boot. Cameron likes to ski fast, much like his Dad, Andrew. Jody, his mother, just wants to witness some turns. Cameron had other ideas. Straight down, no fear. There was no lack of confidence either. When I told him I thought he was the best skier on the mountain little Cameron replied, "thank you very much".

You can learn a lot from kids. I did. A day to remember.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Inspirational WAZZU

Tony Bennett and his team never ceases to amaze me. This could be a lesson to any sales team, organization or the like. It is very inspirational watching this team play, and win. If you play golf you know what a grinder is. It is someone that somehow manages to get the ball in the hole despite having a bad ball striking round. Doing all the little things that create better results. If you haven't watched this team play do so. You will know what the definition of overachieving really is.