Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Traits of Great Salespeople

The truly great salespeople do all the small things that become big things in the sales cycle.  Here's some tips that can help you become one of those people.

It's not always about the sale.  To build trust with your clients you need to show them that you aren't always just looking for the sale.  Show some empathy and interest in what they are doing in their lives, and with their business.  Take the time to listen.  Ask questions that can help you down the road.  Show them you care more about them than just getting the sale, or telling them what you think they want to hear.

Have a strong sense of detail in everything you do.  The great salespeople take care of details.  They follow up and solve problems or mistakes, and they do it in a timely manner.  They admit it when they've made a mistake.  They don't make the same mistake repeatedly.  These are just some of the things that build trust and respect with your clients.  To know that a salesperson will take care of things and take accountability when things go wrong helps build trust in the selling process.

Never rip on the competition.  There's a diamond in every rough.  Every organization has its strengths that someone needs.  Don't throw a competitor under the bus thinking it will give you an advantage and a better chance of getting the sale.  It never works in the long run.  In fact, it's a major turn off.

Never hesitate to say thank you.  I see it all the time.  The salesperson that can't even say thank you when you've sent them a nice order.  The salesperson that doesn't even confirm that they have received it.  The salesperson that doesn't appreciate even the small order that in the long run can mean so much.  Don't be one of those people.  If you don't appreciate things, your client will have a hard time respecting you.

Show your longevity.  Salespeople come and go.  The good ones don't.  It's comforting to know that someone will be there when you need something.  There's nothing more troubling than making the call and hearing "he/she no longer works here".  Trust and respect comes when you know someone will be there to take care of you.  Longevity is key.  

Continuous education and learning.  Refresh and change up what you do. Be a trailblazer in your industry, not a follower.  Learn the new trends and don't be afraid to share them.  Go to conferences or seminars introducing new products and services.  Share them with your clients.  Share success stories.  There's nothing more powerful than sharing a success story or new idea with your clients.

Don't be an order taker.  If you think you can just take orders then you need to find another line of work.  Nobody respects the order taker. 

And finally, as Coach Nick Saban said to his Alabama football team prior to the 2016 National Championship Game:

"You deserve to be here, but you are not entitled to anything".

Good luck!