Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Hump Day To Remember

You know the beers will be flowing in Pullman come late Wednesday afternoon. The local bars will be rocking because a good ole' boy is coming home. Bill Moos will be formally introduced as the new athletic director at Washington State, his Alma mater. It only took WSU president Elson Floyd 10 days to replace Jim Sterk, who left to take the same job at San Diego State. Sterk saw the writing on the wall and bolted south. Moos was hired as a consultant and Sterk knew it was a matter of time when the pressure would be just too much. WSU will get exactly what they bargained for, a man who knows how to raise money, something I believe was lacking under Sterk. Moos also brings charisma back to WAZZU, something that has disappeared since Mike Price left for Alabama. WSU has the smallest athletic budget in the conference and when you lack in funds and resources, you better make up for it with someone who can work a room and get it done.

Give props to Elson Floyd. He found his man.