Monday, June 12, 2017

My trip to Semiahmoo and the beauty of having a dog

Just last week I did something I haven't done in a long time.  Even though my golf game has been lousy, I played in a major golf tournament.   I've been battling tendonitis in my left thumb, which isn't a good thing either.  I've arguably had the worst stretch of my illustrious golf career.   I've missed the competition, your name being called out on the first tee, and just being around great players.

Bonfires every night weather permitting
One of the reasons I signed up for this event is because I have never been to Semiahmoo Resort, and what a great place it is.  I was expecting a little more modern resort, but then realized how time flies and this place has been around a lot longer than I realized.  I also was looking forward to playing both Semiahmoo and Loomis Trail, truly one of the best tracks in the northwest, with water on every hole.

It was a milestone of sorts for me during these three days.  My scorecards had a little bit of everything, double bogeys, triple bogeys, I even sprinkled in a 9 on a par 5, something I've never done in competition before.  It almost became comical, and all I could do was laugh.  At the same time, an older guy I played with the last day dropped more F-bombs than I can remember.  I hope to never be paired with him again.

We played in the pouring rain on the final day,  and it reminded me of my junior days at Sahalee Country Club, where we used to sit and wait for it to stop raining, but it never did.  It was refreshing, considering we don't see that much rain here in the desert in Southeastern Washington.  It felt like home again.

When I traveled for this event I realized its a lonely existence being out there on the road.  I frequented the Oyster Bar that sits right on the property.  It was also telling how much I missed my dog.  Bella is a huge part of everything I do.  She travels with me to our place in Lake Chelan, she gives me the look when I leave, she greets me when I come home, she constantly brings me her Kong.  She is truly the epitome of a companion, always there when you need her.

When I arrived home after being gone all week I was expecting her to snub me and be disappointed with my play.  It was virtually the opposite, I've never seen her more excited.  She was ripping around, sticking her butt up in the air, jumping on the couch and wanting a hug.  Her buddy was home.  She could care less how I played, or the numerous train wrecks I displayed in the tournament.

The beauty of having a dog.