Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Fall Of The Tiger

Tiger Woods, you made the game of golf that much harder. The wins will be harder to come by after this debacle of a personal life you are going through. Tiger, you will be under more pressure and public scrutiny than you've ever been before. Women will throw themselves at you, because they know you are vulnerable. Hecklers will heckle you more than they've ever heckled before, because they know you are vulnerable. Sponsors will require more from you than they've ever required before, because well, you know. The conservatives in the game of golf, and there's a lot of them, will have you under the microscope more than ever. The expectations will be higher, the pressure will follow. Tiger, the pars and birdies are going to be that much harder to come by. The wins are going to be few and far between. The majors are the real question. You had none last year, zippo. And when you tee it up in January you will carry more distractions to the golf course than you've ever experienced before. You will face many of the demons that your competitors face today. Those negative thoughts that get into people's heads when they get out of their comfort zone. You are out of your comfort zone Tiger.

It's not a good feeling is it? I'm sure the Golden Bear is smiling today. I don't blame him.