Monday, August 13, 2012

A Gutty Reporter

As a former news person who aspired to be a newscaster I am touched by the passing of Kathi Goertzen.  She was such a professional and even more special as a person.

I grew up watching Kathi in the early 80's when I was preparing myself for my time in front of the cameras.  She was working for KOMO 4 News, a place she hung her hat for a long time.  We all have a station that we are loyal to when it comes to news, and growing up in Western Washington KOMO 4 was my choice.  We choose our favorite stations and news teams out of trust.

Kathi was always there.

Watching Kathi through her struggles is one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen.  She was always so positive. "You can't let an illness define you", she said recently. 

It sure didn't define her.

We need to tip our hats to KOMO for hiring such a wonderful person 30-some years ago.  She was a fixture in Seattle and will be dearly missed.  Open up a textbook on how to handle adversity and Kathi Goertzen's picture will be front and center.

Just like she was for many years in Seattle.