Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So Random

Enter December.  Some random thoughts as we move into the rest of the holiday season.  Sometimes we forget about the subtle things that can really impact our lives, and others. 

The term game changer is so over used and what does it really mean anyway?  It's used in sports, business, weather, you name it.  I laugh every time I hear it.  My dog turns her head every time she hears it which confirms it is used way too much.

A Seattle radio personality has come forward and said he is done with downtown Seattle.   It used to be a family tradition to go to the Westlake Center for the holidays for Dori Monson and his family.  It's so out of control with bums, crack heads, protesters and the like that he has come out and said he's done.  My recent trip there for a conference was heartbreaking for me considering I grew up there.  It's just not the same place and nobody is doing anything about it.

It's #TuesdayGiving and what a great feeling when I dropped off a Starbuck's "Joe to go" at Touchstone Jewelers this morning.  I've never felt so appreciated in a long, long time.  Especially considering what they've been through with the loss in the family.  Love those guys.  Support the local guys and go see them this holiday season.  #shoplocal

Happy December!