Thursday, September 23, 2010

Men Of Troy Might Have Their Hands Full

This very well could be the biggest game of Paul Wulff's career so far. His Cougar team hosts USC at Martin Stadium this Saturday and Cougs from near and far will be watching this one with a keen eye. Will his team compete and show the improvement that is needed for him to retain his job?

There are a lot of people in the WSU fan base that have had enough. Die-hard Cougs that would just as soon see him go. On the other side of the coin, there's also a lot of other coaches out there watching just as closely as the dying WSU fan base. Paul Wulff has slowly built a foundation that has not succeeded with wins on the field, yet. The team still believes in him and the morale is still high. If there's one thing he has done well it is keeping this team focused on the task as hand. He is confirming with his team the positive things that are happening, even though they are few and far between. The Cougars finally competed for 60 minutes last week on the road against SMU. If by chance Wulff is not retained, whoever takes over the job can be a hero in a heartbeat. Winning five games in their first year might just catapult them into an even bigger job, like say, Weber State or Ball State for that matter.

When the Cougars take the field on Saturday you can expect all the "wrinkles" will come out of Paul Wullf's playbook. Maybe a flea flicker on the first play instead of the patented dive play we've seen the first three games of the season. We all know the Cougars don't have the talent or experience that the other teams have so why not throw the entire kitchen sink at the opposing teams and see what happens. The fan base is dying and this just might be what they need to get some excitement generated again in the cougar nation.

USC is on probation and they aren't as big and talented as year's past. They've struggled early in the season. I expect them to come out flat on Saturday. The brash and cocky Lane Kiffin will have a really hard time getting this team up for Washington State. They have nothing to play for.

I chose Pullman over going to Lake Chelan this weekend. I chose football over wine tasting and hanging out at my favorite place?

For some reason I have a funny feeling I made the right choice. Look for the Cougs to cover.

What a thrill that would be.