Monday, November 23, 2009

Apple Cup Week

This is the week that signifies the entire season. Throw out the records, the injuries, the rhetoric about coaches, and most importantly, the won-loss record. The pride of the State of Washington is on the line. There's a reason why the Cougs have to put on a purple jersey when they mess up in practice. Coach Wulff is a lot smarter than people give him credit for. It builds a hatred for those guys in the purple jerseys and serves as a year long reminder. I remember when Don James got pegged by an apple in Pullman while walking the sidelines prior to the game. He picked it up and took a bite out of it. The Cougs took a bite out of his Dawgs on that Saturday in November. That was back when they filled up Martin Stadium, not anymore.

Even though the tickets go for $90 it won't be hard to find one. I scalped a ticket to the UCLA game last year and I think it cost me $20. I have a feeling this won't be any different. There's a certain electricity in this game un-matched by any sporting event I've attended. You have the typical Husky fans that never went to school there who have adopted them as "their" team. You have the faithful Cougs who, like me, wanted to get away from home and go to a college town for the college experience. You can't really go home on the weekend because it is so far. It worked. I met my wife there, and like me, she hasn't missed very many of these since we graduated in 1987. I think the Cougs will surprise some people on Saturday. They've been preparing for this one for 11 games. They will play their best game of the year.

Don't get too excited.