Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another weekend in the valley

It's another beautiful day in the Chelan Valley.  The blue sky dominates, the wind is calm, and the birds are the happiest little people on earth.

Yesterday my pup and I hiked Echo Ridge, the scenery never disappoints anyone, ever.  There's still a sketch of snow in shady parts, treacherous in some areas because it melted and then froze again, making your footwork important if you don't want to fall on your head.

I almost fell twice.

Bella led the way, the trail blazer she is.  Her little bear bell helps me locate her easier even though she stayed close by at all times, I think she was more worried about me than I was about her.

Unseasonably warm temperatures forced the Echo Valley Ski Area to close down, you can still see the markings from the groomers on the family friendly slopes.

After our hike I had breakfast at the legendary Apple Cup Inn, a veggie omelet complimented with a mimosa, the perfect treat after a nice venture to Echo Ridge.  There was golf on TV in the bar, go figure.

  I also visited Karma Vineyards and enjoyed the champagne flight, of course the pink was my favorite.  The day was topped off by a blue cheese bacon burger at a friend's house that overlooks the lake.  The picturesque view from their pimped out barn couldn't be a better way to cap off the day.

Just another weekend in the valley.