Tuesday, November 11, 2014

7 tips for 7 years of growth

If someone would've asked me 7 years ago if I could sustain growth every year in business I would have literally fell over in my chair.

Not in this day and age, especially in advertising.

Fortunately we have and here's some tips that might help your biz achieve desired growth and success.

1.  Be prepared to diversifyThings never turn out the way you expect them to.  Especially in the advertising business.  We all know the first thing to be cut by advertisers in a slow economy is their advertising dollars.  This is why its important to constantly diversify.  The only way to grow is to generate new and incremental revenue streams.  If it means adding something new to your bag of tricks, have at it.  The little things add up in the end.  And sometimes the smaller accounts are the most rewarding ones.

2.  Continued education.  Everything is changing and you must change too.  Marketing and advertising can be like a revolving door of new products and services.  Stay abreast to what's going on and educate yourself with continued education, whether it's an annual conference, a trade magazine, or anything that might help you with a new product or strategy to boost your business.

3.  Be humble.  We always respect the person that doesn't have to brag about their success.  Your work should speak for itself.  If you do all the right things every day, positive things will happen.  Like any sport, teamwork always leads to successful outcomes.

4.  Stick to your mission statement.  There's a reason why companies establish mission statements.  It's a pattern used in every day practices, something to refer to on a regular basis.  It keeps us grounded and is a constant reminder of the important fundamentals that help achieve positive results. Have it somewhere visible so you see it every day.

5.  Promote yourself because nobody else will.  Don't be afraid to share some of your success stories.  There is nothing more powerful than telling a story.  Remember, if you don't share your successes nobody else will.  And yes, you can do it and still be humble at the same time.

6.  Find your happy place.  It's so important to have balance in your life.  Find that place that helps you relax, breathe, and get away from the every day rat race.  A place that helps you get your mind off of things and create that balance you need.  It's like a mini vacation that can rejuvenate the soul.  It doesn't always have to be an actual place, it can be a good book, exercise, a long walk in the park, or anything to help clear the fog.

7.  The most important relationship is the one with yourself.  You know you better than everyone.  Go with your gut when it comes to making a tough decision.  It won't always be a popular one but that's ok.  Your gut always wins out.  Be the biggest ambassador for your company and yourself.

 After all, they won't build a statue for you when you leave.