Friday, February 8, 2008

No Love in Pullman

I had the pleasure of watching a pretty darn good basketball team last night in Pullman. I had more fun watching the student body and some of their antics. It amazes me how creative students can be when you put them in an environment like that. We couldn't figure out what was being said every time freshman sensation Kevin Love went to the free throw line. Most of the students were pointing to their rear ends and yelling something. I've heard a lot worse in my years going to college football and basketball games but this one takes the cake. It's all they could come up with for this guy that is sure to be a number one pick in the upcoming NBA draft. UCLA's Kevin Love has a new nickname that will stick in the minds of Cougar fans.

Next time you go to a UCLA or future NBA game say hi to "Butt Sweat" for me. I'm sure he'll know where you are from.

Go Cougs!