Monday, November 1, 2010

A Devel-ish Weekend

Who would've thunk it. The WSU Cougars dropping a tough one to the Arizona State Sun Devils 42-0. Not me. After a couple weeks of great improvement the Cougs ran into Dennis Erickson and the Devils, a coach many think is on the hot seat at ASU. After a slow start and a 50-17 thrashing by California the week before, it was time to find out just what Erickson is made of. Coug fans found out the hard way. It was a good Ole' fashioned ass whooping. Sorry about the french, I couldn't resist.

Erickson had his team ready and showed why he's landed the big name jobs and outlandish salaries in his very successful coaching career. This might have been a game he needed the most after a discouraging 3-4 record coming in. "We needed a win", he said. Well, he got one and it couldn't have come at a better time.

More importantly, I was able to take in all that the valley of the sun had to offer. I was greeted with good friends, warm temperatures, great restaurants (I highly recommend Dick's Hideaway but you'll never find it. Brilliant marketing on the name by the way), drinking establishments, drinks by the pool, morning walks, and real estate that is almost too good to pass up. Not to mention a sports bar that rivals Hooters, only better. I see now why Erickson took the job at ASU. I also found out how brutal some of their fans are after a few of the Cougar faithful were escorted out of the stadium. Who knows why. I think maybe they were having too much fun. I guess you aren't supposed to stand up during a game at Sun Devil Stadium. Win or lose us Coug fans always do. Some of us fall down too.

It was great to get away from the cool air and the same political advertisements here in Washington State that have plagued so many of us over the past month or so. Mud slinging, thrashing, lies, and someone always gets the short end of the stick come election day. And here in Washington State it's usually the people that live outside of King County. Maybe it's time to open a satellite office.

I'm thinking Maricopa County is a good place to start.