Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer in the Tri-Cities

The feel of summer is creeping away. The Water Follies and Tri-Cities Boat Race Weekend is the trademark of summer here. It's usually the hottest weekend of the year. But shortly after, that summer 'feel' tends to slip away. The winds pick up, much cooler nights, and that awful feeling that winter is just around the corner. I've learned the older I get, the faster time goes, and this summer was no exception. Our recent camping and boating trip to Clarkston and the Snake River was the best possible way to end another great Tri-Cities summer. While we were able to escape the 108 degree day in the Tri-Cities, we found a much cooler spot at Chief Timothy Park in Clarkston with a cool 106. We thought about making t-shirts that read, "We survived Chief Timothy." Today, I woke up to a slight drizzle and cool temperatures. "We might hit 80 degrees today", said the weathercaster on KNDU TV. What a bummer.

Another ho-hum Tri-Cities summer.