Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Bye Ty

Unfortunately for Husky fans the U-Dub Football Coaching Job is not an attractive position anymore. The program has been run into the ground and people don't realize how tough of job it was for Tyrone Willingham. He has cleaned up the program more than people realize, unfortunately it hasn't resulted in wins. What the program needs is an up and coming coach that is extremely competitive with a defensive mindset. It is what Don James built this program around and anyone who knows anything about football knows that defense and solid special teams equals wins. Forget Pat Hill, nobody was smart enough to hire Gary Pinkel. Unfortunately the program probably can't afford him, nor would he want it after being turned away twice. It would be a demotion for Chris Peterson at Boise State, Jeff Tedford makes too much money at Cal. No more boat rides by the Nordstrom's for recruits, no more dinners at Salty's. This is not an attractive position anymore and it's really too bad. Whoever takes the job can look like a hero with five wins. Why not go after an up and coming coach like Brady Hoke at Ball State. He wasn't good enough for Washington State, but he is good enough for U-Dub.