Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No unfinished business

Do you ever feel like you have unfinished business that you just can't get off your mind?  On March 2nd I lost my Mom after a short battle with Leukemia.  It was a total shock to the family because it happened so fast.  Many of us are still in disbelief that she's gone.  That Friday morning was a bittersweet day because the family also welcomed Mom's third great grandchild just an hour and a half after she passed. 

I am at peace because my Mom left this world with no unfinished business.  She managed her life so well.  I don't know of many people that have the luxury of being able to experience that.

Mom did everything the right way, and then some.  She was nice to everyone, and she had many friends.  There were dozens of people at her celebration of life from her Garfield High School Class of 1951.  I guess that's what happens when you are the nicest person in the world.

What a tribute.

She always put everyone else above herself.  She would have been uncomfortable with all the hoopla that was happening at the celebration of her life on Friday afternoon.  She would have thought we should have been somewhere else--and she would have let us know too.

That's what happens when you leave this world with no unfinished business.

What a role model.  Miss you Mom.