Monday, December 23, 2013

Thank you Mom on your birthday

Today is a special day.  It's my Mom's birthday.  She's the one that raised me, never missed one of my sporting events including swim meets, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, we played golf together, and we went to breakfast together.   We traveled all over the northwest to swim meets, a memory I will never forget.  She took me skiing, and chaperoned in ski school, and I think she did so she could be there if I needed her for anything.

She was always there but always made sure she wasn't on the same ski bus as me, which probably was a good thing.

She made my ski sweaters, hemmed all my pants and slacks, and even took in clothes that were too big for me because I was such a little guy growing up.  She sewed the binding on all my wife's quilts, something Kathy talks about all the time.  She always had tapioca pudding waiting when we visited her. She took care of our dog Boogie every day when we commuted to Bellevue from North Bend.

Almost two years have gone by since she passed away and I feel her spirit every day.  As I sit here in our lovely little place in Manson, I can't forget all the fun times we spent here growing up at nearby Wapato Point.  Mom loved being here.  It is one of the main reasons we invested here, it is my "happy place".

During the holidays she always wanted to stay out of the way because she was so considerate.  She wanted to make sure everyone else was doing what they wanted to do.  We would try to include her in the gatherings at other places but she never wanted to go.  She just didn't feel it was her place.

Today, in her honor, we are going to go pick out a tree, decorate it, and celebrate our first Christmas in Manson.  It's very quiet here, but I feel her spirit loud and clear.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Mom.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Domke Lake Dream

I have great memories here.  You never forget the times you had when you were in your early teens.  Especially when you were hanging out with your childhood mentor, and of course catching fish.

Nestled in the hills above Lake Chelan 45 minutes south of Stehekin lies a remote little lake.  Unknown to most of  the outside world, it's known for its great fishing, picturesque setting, and of course history.  Domke Lake is a dream for the angler who enjoys catching trout, many of them carryovers.

 The fires of 2007 all but destroyed most of the main campground here, but hopes are that it will reopen in a couple years.  It's devastating to look at with all the shags, the main reason why they don't want people camping here.   My wife and I explored around a little while our friends were out fishing, and it wasn't too easy getting around climbing all the logs and downed trees trying to find the main trail.

When you first start the hike from Lucerne Landing off Lake Chelan you really don't know where you are going, or what you might find.  The trail is filled with switchbacks, rugged forest, and views of Lake Chelan to die for.  There's many folks that have made it a tradition to make annual trips here.  I made my first excursion when I was in my early teens, and it was a trip I will never forget.

The area didn't appear quite the same this time around, probably because 40 years is a long time.  A hermit was living here then, it is now managed by a man named Sid, a slim, soft and well spoken man who obviously knows the terrain.  He rides his Honda 110 down the trail once a week on Fridays to retrieve his mail from the Lucerne dock that is one of the stops to Stehekin for the Lady of the Lake.  He keeps himself busy every day, whether he's working on a log hauling project, or chopping wood in preparation for the harsh winter that lies ahead. 

There's no shortage for finding something to do.  You can tell Sid keeps himself in shape, you won't find much excess body fat on this man.

We had the entire lake to ourselves except for a couple Forest Service people who were working on a trail that was washed out nearby.  When we spoke with them you could tell they had a long day and were ready for dinner and a good night's sleep.  I learned their job isn't as glamorous as I once thought it might be.

So the next time you see a forest service person, give them a big thanks.  They deserve it.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why ad agencies aren't going anywhere

Years ago I bought a car at University Chevrolet in Seattle.  I was enamored by all the trophies in the salesperson's office and for the life of me couldn't figure out what his secret was.  He must have been salesperson of the month and salesperson of the year one hundred times.  He was very unassuming, but obviously got the job done when it came to closing deals.

As time passed I realized in a hurry why he was so successful.  For the next 15 years or so I got a hand written birthday card from him every year.  Somehow he found me even though I had moved several times.  

He made it easy to want to do business with him.

This is also true with the job of an advertising agency.  Our job is to make things as easy as possible for the clients to get their message out in the most efficient manner.   I often refer to it as taking the headache off their desk, and doing it in an objective way.

Good agency people look at the brand the way the consumer looks at the brand.  Not the way the company looks at the brand.  Advertising is taking the client's marketing strategy and transforming it into consumer messages, in the simplest way possible.  Marketing is very similar.  It is taking the consumer's wants and needs and converting it into a marketing strategy.

The only thing that really matters is putting aside the biases, and getting inside the mind of the consumers.  One of the biggest advantages of agencies is they can play dumb.  In other words, they can be more objective and throw aside the biases.  That's why agencies are going to be with us for a long time in spite of the fact that clients could do their own advertising.

In my experience sometimes clients feel obligated to conduct business based on relationships that may not be the best use of marketing resources for the company.  Agencies have the ability to place the advertising so the dollars are spent in the most efficient way.

At the end of the day, an agency is an ideal organization to serve as the eyes and ears of the client.  Once the goals and marketing plans can be determined, then the client is in a much better position to focus on what's really important, the management goals and the vision of the company.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My tribute to the #Dawgfather

First of all, before you read on it's important for you to know a few things.  I am a Cougar through and through.  I met my wife in Pullman.  I went to WSU because they have arguably the best communications school in the west.  Some of my Cougar friends probably will have a problem with some of the things I will say here but I don't care.  A tribute is a tribute, especially when it's well deserved.


I grew up small, with red hair,  and I loved all sports.  I especially loved football, and when I was real young I was a pretty decent player, but I was a lot smaller than the rest of the guys.   I always wanted to be a Husky, but knew deep down it would never happen.   I used to sit and wait for the paper to come so I could read about the Huskies and their next opponent.   Growing up east of Lake Washington the Huskies were the biggest show in town, and I knew all the stats, all the players numbers, and where they were from.  This was long before the Seahawks and Mariners, and of the course we already had the Sonics, who I miss dearly.  I was lucky enough to go to all the Husky games by boat from Meydenbauer Bay in Bellevue.  When the boat arrived at Husky Stadium we walked across the hundreds of boats tied together pre-functioning before the game, we listened to the alumni band, and we watched the crew raise money for the storied program by hauling some people to land on a zodiac.  We sat in the horseshoe end of the stadium.  It wasn't uncommon to sit through the entire game in the rain.  It also wasn't uncommon for the Huskies to lose too, frequently.

Until Don James arrived at Montlake.

Don who?  That was a lot of people's responses when he was hired out of Kent State to become the Huskies' coach on December 23, 1974.  I remember vividly because it was my Mom's birthday.   This kid was lucky enough to go to all the games with my Dad and Grandparents from 1968-1981. I didn't miss a home game. I saw it all, and I saw them all, many already inducted into the Hall of Fame;   OJ Simpson, Anthony Davis, Billy Joe Dupree, Otis Armstrong, James Loften (the best receiver I ever saw by the way), Lynn Swann, Jim Plunket, Randy Vataha, Tony Dungy,  Dan Marino, and a little guy named Sonny Sixkiller, to name a few.  I even knew the 'Ballad of Sonny Sixkiller' and I still do.   "Three yards and a cloud of dust" was the slogan during the Jim Owens' era.   The season ticket holders behind us were awful.   There wasn't one positive thing that came out of their mouths, ever.  They hated Jim Owens.

Their dream came true when Don James showed up on the shores of Lake Washington.  So did Rob Weller and the "wave".

The Huskies went 6-5 his first year.  More fans were showing up.  They booed Harold Warren Moon when he played quarterback but for some reason Don James stuck with him.  A former quarterback himself, I guess he knew something.

He certainly did.

When players walked into a team meeting with Coach James you could hear a pin drop.  I know that because many of my friends played for him.  He had an open door policy but very seldom did anyone go in to his office because they were so intimidated by him.  He was the Dawgfather.

When the Huskies were behind you just knew they would come back and win, somehow, some way.  Only able to muster up 3 first downs against Oregon in 1979, they came back and won on a Mark Lee punt return with 2 minutes left in the game.

It was a typical Don James win.  Ball control, defense, and the kicking game coming up with a big play at the end of the game. Oh, the James Gang kicking game was second to none.

In 1981 I went back to school at Washington State University to pursue my dream of being a sportscaster and I became a big time Coug fan.  I remember vividly an Apple Cup game in Martin Stadium while I was there. It was 1982 I believe.   Don James always walked the entire field before games, sideline to sideline.  His attention to detail was amazing.  Some stupid student threw an apple at him.  He reached down, picked it up and took a bite out of it.  That's what rivalries are all about.  Coach James was sending a message to that student, and his friends if he had any.  I remember James saying he was a 200 point underdog to his good friend Jim Walden.  His sense of humor was priceless.  He once said every Cougar he ever met had a lot of character, "because they learned not to expect much".

We really don't.


Early in my professional career as Sports Director at KNDU TV I covered the 1988 Apple Cup game in Pullman.  Typical of small market television, my good friend Dave Meany and myself were fighting battery problems the entire game and stressing that we wouldn't have enough life for the post game interview that both of us were so excited for.  We were complete wrecks, welcome to broadcasting.   It was our chance to interview the legend.  The Cougs won 32-31 under the gutty leadership of WSU Quarterback Timm Rosenbach.   We were in a hallway waiting for James to come in for post game interviews.  Legendary broadcaster Bruce King of KOMO TV was there and it was a given that he would get the first question.  When the door opened and James entered the hallway there was dead silence in the room.  You could see the devastation on his face, he was drained as well.  You knew how important it was for him to win that game.   I finally got my chance and I asked him about the play of Rosenbach, who was obviously banged up pretty good during the game but was able to finish.  "Coach James, I'm curious on your thoughts of the play of Timm Rosenbach who was obviously hurt during the game, that was a pretty gutty performance, don't you think?"  I knew I wouldn't have many chances with this guy so I wasn't going to hold back.

 "Maybe you should ask him", James replied.

Maybe I shouldn't have worn the Cougar hat.  End of interview.  This was the guy I looked up to for so many years.  I walked away humbled but realized, what a stupid question.

I interviewed him many times, most of them during my tenure at Northwest Public Radio, and KNDU TV.  He was always so cordial, and always picked up his phone when I called him.  He never once denied an interview.  He was only interested in the details of college football, and he didn't like to talk about players.  It was always about the team.  He became uncomfortable when you would single out any one player.  He once said he liked to put in the third string because "the players realize why they are third string".

I will always have the deepest respect and admiration for Coach James and what he accomplished at the University of Washington.  In college one of my most difficult tasks and biggest challenges was a persuasive speech I had to give in one of my classes.  I had to convince my fellow WSU classmates that Don James was the best football coach in America.

As time went on, I didn't have to convince anyone.

My tribute to the Dawgfather.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Small is beautiful

Small is beautiful.  That was the message from Dan Wieden at the recent Ad Age Small Agency Conference in Portland, Oregon.  Wieden is the co-founder of Wieden+Kennedy, one of the premier ad agencies in the world, and a little sneaker company called Nike was one of their first clients.

As we roll through the summer and September approaching, I can't think about how I used to wish the weeks went by fast, and now I'm hoping they would just s-l-o-w down.

As larger agencies continue to flounder and "wobbling around like drunkards", according to Wieden, smaller agencies can smell the blood in the water.  There's so much opportunity out there, we just have to find it.

And sometimes they find us.

If you are checking out this site to see what Mooreshots is all about, "small is beautiful" is a good way to describe us.  We consider ourselves a boutique agency.  We concentrate on one-on-one attention with our clients and there's no surprises.  Whether you are struggling to make a name for yourself, or maybe just get back on track, you might want to think about going small.  Nothing replaces efficient, one-on-one attention with your clients and partners.

Take it from the man who knows, Dan Wieden.  Wieden+Kennedy has eight offices across four continents and he would give anything to be small again.


Dan Wieden remembers when he was working for George-Pacific, a conservative paper products company.  He did everything he could to get fired because he didn't have the guts to quit. When it finally came to fruition he said he felt like a total failure.  After sitting in his car for about an hour pondering what he was going to do with his life, he decided to go home.  When he arrived his wife was folding diapers in the laundry room.  They had two small children and another one on the way. Without turning around she asked him how his day went.  "They fired my ass", he said.  "Well, something will turn up",  It was then that Wieden decided she could have anything she wanted for the rest of her life.

Those words changed his life and gave him permission to fail.

Today, "Fail harder" is the theme at Wieden+Kennedy.  Wieden remembers two young, creative women he hired at his firm who were so intimidated by the company atmosphere that they wouldn't even leave their office.  He told them they weren't any good to him unless they failed twice.  Wieden encourages his people to walk in stupid every morning.  The saying is scattered all over the Wieden+Kennedy office.

When asked about his biggest accomplishment to date he hesitated and said it had to be the Just Do It campaign for Nike.  He remembers traveling to Europe a couple weeks later and people were already sporting the tee shirts.

Following his keynote, a young aspiring ad agency executive asked him how long he stays excited about a successful campaign,"The glow for me lasts about an hour", he said.  Dan Wieden wishes he was small again.

Small is beautiful.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy Father's Day Dads

US Open weekend is big in a lot of ways.  The best players in the world gather at an extremely severe golf course trying to win one of the most coveted trophies in all of sport.  The USGA always sets up the course so pars are extremely good.  Birdies are few and far between.  And it's all about making a bunch of par putts from 8-10 feet to save your round.

And it usually happens on Father's Day weekend.

This is the weekend I always got phone calls from my Dad.  His commentary was always better than any of these guys on the Golf Channel or NBC.  He would bring up things these guys wouldn't even think about.   It's a perspective that was always one of a kind, just like my Dad.

It's a perspective that's definitely missed.

Happy Father's Day to you and yours.

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Buddy's Place

It's a landmark establishment in the heart of downtown Manson, Washington.  People from all walks of life frequent this place in this cute little town that sits literally a stones throw away from the shores of Lake Chelan.  My friends tease me that I talk about it so much but every time I go there I meet someone interesting and new, and what more can you ask for than that.

This is My Buddy's Place.

Three generations have owned this watering hole, and it is nothing fancy.  It has a shuffleboard table, a pool table, an outdoor patio where you can look at the stars.  Bellying up to the bar seems to be the most popular thing to do.

You can even get a Rainier or Olympia in a can.  Does it get any better than that?

Neon lights line the wall on one side of this place, my wife always turns off the Husky light, and there's no reason to explain why.  A juke box is probably the most popular piece of furniture at My Buddy's Place, classic rock'n roll and country are usually the music of choice.  Rap doesn't go over very well here, and I don't think it ever will.

My Buddy's Place is known for its great burgers, you know the kind where the juice runs down your arm after you take that first bite.  And their home made fries are second to none, especially with the special fry sauce.

Last night I met two young couples.  Two of them were Huskies, the other two are Cougs.  Despite their loyalties fun was had by all.  It's hard not to.

This is My Buddy's Place.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Blues and Brews this weekend

It's time for the spring time adult party!  For the music lover, blues follower, beer drinker, or maybe even a little wine, this is your weekend.  It's the 17th annual UnTapped Blues and Brews Festival.

Bands will square off tonight at Clover Island for an evening of fun.  It's a chamber of commerce day and no better time to enjoy the beautiful sunset that awaits later this evening at the Clover Island Inn.

Tomorrow from noon to 11 pm there will be plenty of sunshine at the Benton County Fairgrounds where people can enjoy awesome blues and tasty brews.  Flip flop your way around--- 30 breweries will be on hand as well as on site camping in the Broadmoor RV Campground.  If you have a little too much to drink you can retire to the comforts of your motorhome, travel trailer, or maybe even a tent.

It's the spring time adult party sponsored by Eagle 106.5 and the Businesses of Clover Island.  For more information visit

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An Effortless Career

I'm sitting here in my living room watching arguably the most popular professional golfer ever be inducted into the 2013 World Golf Hall of Fame, Fred Couples.   I'm sure it's an emotional night for many of his fans, I know there's not a dry eye in this house.  I'm flattered that I had the distinct pleasure of playing junior golf with him, but I'm more proud for the City of Seattle, his hometown.  A lot of great players have come out of Seattle, but none like Fred Couples, the pride of O'Dea High School.

One distinct thing hasn't changed when you hear people rave about Fred Couples' career.  His effortless swing, his care free attitude, and how easy he makes it look when he plays.

It hasn't changed.

I remember the little guy from Jefferson Park when he played in the Bellevue Classic one year.  It's so long ago I can't remember the year.  He didn't wear a glove back then because he couldn't afford one.  He still doesn't wear one today.   He was only 12 or 13 years old then and he shot a pair of 72's.  He displayed the same touch around the greens back then as he does today.  The only noticeable difference  was how short he was off the tee and how he got up and down from everywhere--unlike his power game we've known him for over the course of his stellar career.

You don't get nicknamed "Boom Boom" for nothing.

I remember telling my brother-in-law back then that he was going to play on the tour some day.  He laughed at me like I was crazy.  It was a short time later at age 15 when Freddie really started showing his distance off the tee---and the effortless way he went about things.  I remember him air mailing the 4th hole on the east course at Sahalee from 220 yards with a six iron.

At age 18 he fired a 65 at Glendale Country Club to win the Washington State Open, in tennis shoes.   I believe that competitive course record still stands today.

If you've never seen him play in person, make a trip to a tour event.  He is magical in everything he does, from the way he fixes a divot, marks his ball on the green, or the finesse shots he hits with such ease.  I followed him around at the LA Open at Riviera a few years back and it was then when I realized why this guy was so popular.

He made it look so easy.

The largest rap on Fred was the fact he didn't work on his game like some of the other tour players.  When asked tonight what his biggest regret was he said, "Probably the fact that I didn't practice enough".

He obviously didn't need to.

The biggest thing that sticks out in my mind is how nothing has changed since those days back in the 70's in the beautiful northwest.  He was shy, never a guy to hang around and look at the leaderboard, and humble like he is today.  It's a tribute to anyone raising a junior golfer.  Although both of his parents have passed away, you can bet they are as proud as punch for this night.

I can't think of a better tribute to such a popular, humble "kid from Seattle".

Congrats Freddie.  So well deserved.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Masters Predictions

It's that time of year again to make my Masters predictions.  This is never easy, especially when Tiger Woods is playing so well.  Tiger already has won three times this year, and it's pretty hard to put your money on someone else.

However, I don't have a problem with it.

Years ago, when Tiger was at Stanford and competing in what was then the PAC 10, he declined to come to my home course at Meadow Springs Country Club in Richland, Washington for the PAC 10 Tournament because of a so called injury.

To this day I don't buy that he was hurt.  I think he was scared of our deep rough and hard, fast greens.

I also don't get too excited with the way he treats his fellow competitors, and the media.  In his press conference following his most recent win he was the same old Tiger.  The world's number one player was short, condescending, arrogant, pompous, you name it. The timing and coming out party regarding his relationship with Lindsey Vonn was very calculated.  Expect to see her at the Masters in the gallery and touring the course as part of her rehabilitation.

What a dog and pony show.  You just know the media focus will be solely on him, like nobody else is even playing in the tournament.  What a sad affair, no pun intended.

Enough about the cuddly Tiger, let's get to what really matters.  My sentimental pick is England's Lee Westwood.  He is definitely right up there on the list of players too good to have not won a major.  His game is coming back into shape after a strong performance at the Shell Houston Open.  He had a strong performance at the Masters last year.  His putter is coming to life.  Augusta marks the beginning of spring, the azaleas are in full bloom, and driving down Magnolia Lane seems to be a coming out party for many.

Another favorite of mine comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me, former O'Dea star  Fred Couples.  He's always in the hunt at Augusta and I have a sneaking hunch that this year will be no exception.  "Boom Boom" still hits it as long as anyone, and his high ball flight is perfect for Augusta.  Hopefully his putter shows up too.  As Johnny Miller once said, "When you get into your late 40's and 50's the three footers just stop going in".

Isn't that the truth.

Rory McElroy is coming off a stellar 66 in the final round of the Valero Texas Open, but I don't think his putter is up to par, yet.   But who knows, he made 8 birdies on Sunday.  When I was at the Masters in 2009 he looked like a goofy kid stumbling his way around the course.  Since then he has climbed to number two in the World Golf Rankings.

 One of the more memorable nights of the week is the annual Champions Dinner, where everyone who's won a Green Jacket gathers over a meal chosen by the current Masters Champion.What has Bubba Watson chosen for his menu? "There's gonna be food," he said, tight-lipped. He admitted that it took him "about 30 seconds" to come up with the menu. "I went with what I wanted. I couldn't care less about the other people."

Sounds a lot like Tiger doesn't he?

Regardless of what kind of food there's gonna be,  I can just see Bubba presenting the green jacket to a fellow Taurus of mine from Worksop, England.

Break out the Guinness baby, It's Lee Westwood's time.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I want to be a Hummingbird

Las Sendas Golf Club/18th Tee
I'm sitting here poolside packed and ready to head home after a relaxing few days in the valley of the sun.  The boys of spring are here and warmer temperatures are expected by weeks end.  Unfortunately we will miss most of it.  And wouldn't you know the day we leave it's supposed to be in the 80's.

Oh well.

Yesterday, I had a chance to play Las Sendas Golf Club with a business partner of mine.  It was a picture perfect day for golf, but not a pretty day with rental clubs.  However, I enjoyed the course and some of its panoramic views.

I also learned that I just don't have the passion for golf anymore.  Our passions often change.  It probably comes as no surprise to a few friends of mine, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.

What's great about trips like this is the opportunity to mix business with pleasure, and hopefully come home with enlightened spirit, new ideas, new goals, and new energy.  Sometimes we even learn we want to be something else in our next life.

I think I want to be a hummingbird.  I could buzz people, eat sugar water,  hang by the pool, and leave frustrations, stress, and worries behind.

That beats golf any day.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boys of Spring

Sunshine!  It's been a long couple days of clouds and chilly weather.  Today is a different day.  Enjoying the morning by the pool and then off the M's-White Sox game at 1:10.

Jeff and I went out to practice this morning.   Up close and personal with the players.  Felix looking good.

What do I eat today at the game?

A.  Bratwurst
B.  Yakisoba noodles
C.  Hot Dog
D.  Beer
E.  All of the above

T. Moore

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring Training-Day One

Greetings from the valley of the sun!  Temperature 57 degrees, rain off and on.  Who's idea was this anyway?  The girls are going to the Camelback Spa and us boys are still trying to figure out what we are going to do.  We had plans to go to spring training but who wants to sit out in the cold and watch baseball.

Not me.

Jeff had a brilliant idea of maybe going to a movie today, but who in the hell flies to Phoenix to go to a movie?

Not me.

"It's a big city Tom, lots of options.  We could go to the gym and get your workout in, make you a greyhound and get some vitamins in you", said Jeff.

That's me.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's 2013! Let's get after it!

It's been awhile since I've written anything and I don't have any excuses.  Busy with life I guess.  2012 was a trying year with the loss of my Mom and my Father-In-Law.  Both played huge roles in my life, and I miss them both tremendously.  There's nothing like your first Christmas without your Mom.  I can't explain it.

There are many things that I am thankful for.  The many great clients that continue to show their loyalty and help me learn every day.  Every day is a brand new experience, a chance to evolve as a business and person.  I have always stuck by my mission statement and I will continue to do so.

As we slide into 2013 there are a lot of positive things going on.  The biggest thing I notice is the positive outlook everyone has moving forward.  What more could we ask for?

Today the Seattle Seahawks enter the playoffs with a rookie quarterback.  There's something extremely exciting about that.  As I sit here in Sun River, Oregon--everyone is talking about the Seahawks.  You can hear them on the chair lifts, in the bars, restaurants, and grocery stores.  There's excitement in the air.

It's 2013!  Let's get after it!