Wednesday, October 17, 2018

History to be made Saturday in Pullman

I've been wanting to talk about this Gameday situation in Pullman so here we go.  My phone has been blowing up since it was announced that the crew will be coming to Pullman, I never realized it had this much magnitude.

The most heated debate is who will be the Guest Picker, to me it's a no-brainer.  The main reason they are coming is the years of Ol' Crimson being waved on Gameday for some 200+ games over the years.  I don't have the exact number but who really cares at this point, right?

I can only see one thing happening.  Tom Pounds enters holding the flag and gets his chance to tell the story in front of a nationwide audience.  Lee Corso puts on the Butch hat after he picks the Cougars to win and the rest is history.  ESPN will be greeted like never before, it will be a beautiful fall day in the Palouse, and more importantly it will be a recruiting frenzy for the WSU program.  This will be Mike Leach's biggest year of gathering the best talent in the country.  Young student athletes will get a first hand look at how special it is to be a Cougar. (WSU Cougar, not that other type:)

The best part of this?  Coug fans will be able to hang together like they always do on a Saturday, this time in front of a national stage.  We also get a chance to say goodbye and pay tribute to Bob Robertson, who announced his retirement this week after 52 years covering WSU Football.

Sounds pretty good to me.