Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mucho Grasu

Pullman, WA.

As the students were storming the field at Martin Stadium after the fourth victory in five years for the Cougars, I was heading down Grande Avenue listening to Bob. Bob Robertson that is. There may not be a better pair to listen to in an 'event' like the Apple Cup. Jim Walden said throw the records aside, put on your colors and support the 'event', because nothing else really matters. And what an event it was. For the young Cougars, it was an exercise for the future, learning to win a game in a tight situation, "definitely something to build on", according to Head Coach Paul Wulff. The Cougs haven't been in this situation all year, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Seven potential WSU recruits were in the stadium for the game, and if they are on the fence so to speak, they might climb down now. They might have witnessed the future of Cougar football and the definite low point for Husky football. For the first time all year the Cougs fought to the wire, this time with reason to celebrate. The Huskies left again 'bewildered' and with no explanation. "Don't ask that question again", said Tyrone Willingham when asked if he will coach against California in the final game. Another loss. Another week off and nothing to look forward to. Down and out. One more loss and they will own the worst record for a season for UW since 1890. In 2090 the record books for this one will include Karstetter, Mitz, Bland, and a kicker named Nico Grasu. Benched two weeks ago, he is now the hero. "If this guy makes this kick he will be a hero forever for cougar faithful", said a spirited Walden before the final attempt. "Good, the Cougars win"...yelled Bob Robertson. In the 'event', it's beginning to sound like a broken record. And there's a rainbow on the horizon. Mahalo.