Monday, October 22, 2018

A Saturday to remember

Let's just put it in the books as one of the greatest Saturdays, ever.

No words can explain the atmosphere, beautiful Fall colors, the pageantry of college football, and our beloved Cougs pulling off a win in a jam packed Martin Stadium.

There was a lot to be proud of on this Saturday.  I was worried going in that the distractions of the week would be just too much for these young kids.  Mike Leach might have pulled off his best coaching week as a Cougar, I can't remember a first half that was written any better with Oregon only having one yard of total offense going into their last drive of the first half.  Textbook to say the least.  The Cougars maintained possession most of the first half, keeping Oregon's highly touted Quarterback off the field.  He really wasn't even a factor in this one.

The bus ride up was festive as always, recapping an awesome GameDay segment that I'm sure was special to anyone who has spent anytime in the Pacific Northwest, or in the Pac 8, Pac 10, and Pac 12 for that matter. ESPN put their best foot forward and pulled off a dream show.

There's arguably only 8 to 10 teams in college football that really have a legitimate chance for a national championship, which is another reason why this day was so special.  It's one of those days that will always be remembered.  It will be in the media guide for years to come, there will be pictures hanging on the walls of the Cougar Football Complex, memories saved on smart phones.  Butch and Lee Corso dancing around the set.  People across the country finally learned what it's really like to be a Cougar.  Ol' Crimson made its way back home.

GameDay finally made it to Pullman.

As Reece Davis said to the crowd prior to the open, "Holy Shit!".

That pretty much sums up this day.

A Saturday to remember.

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