Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Does the number of employees you have matter?

People ask me the question all the time.  "How many employees do you have?"  I've always wondered, why are they asking me this question?  Does it give them a better feel for how big my business is?  Does it put me in a different category than other agencies?

Actually, I chuckle because it means absolutely nothing.  Oh wait, yes it does, it means higher payroll taxes, higher overhead, and more headaches.  I'm not saying employees are headaches because I've had some really good ones.  There's nothing more rewarding than an employee taking ownership in your business.

When we incorporated back in 2007 at Mooreshots Direct, we had a goal of providing one-on-one attention with our clients and partners, and we've stuck to that formula.  We hire the best talent available for every project.  Our production partner, Mike Greif, has been with us basically since the inception.  I had the luxury of working with him while he was production manager at KNDU back in the late 80's, while I was serving as Sports Director. I also worked with him from 1997 to 2003 when I returned and worked in sales.  We have done many projects together, and captured nice awards along the way.

More and more businesses are going to telecommuting, working from home, and employees working like independent contractors.  It cuts down on overhead, and passes through the savings to the customers.  That is our motto here too.  We want to make sure everyone has fresh messages out there, in the most efficient way possible.  Often times we only have one chance, and its pivotal to put our best foot forward at all times.  We treat their investment in advertising like it was our own.  We hire entrepreneurs because they get the work done, in a timely matter.

So the next time someone asks you how many employees you have maybe you follow up with a question of your own.

"Does it matter?"

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